I was surprised at how emotional the process was, and ever so grateful for Anne’s help. I’d highly recommend happy.healthy.home.
— Kim H

Happy Clients


A burden has been lifted. Anne was able to give me organizational ideas to make my living space more functional and efficient. Ideas such as see through bins, hanging solutions and file folders for several paper problems. Showing me pictures along the way to explain the final outcome. She helped me cut down and get rid of clutter. Most inpact-fully, she offered fresh eyes to a 5 year old problem that we ignored. I'm happy to say now I can work-out, corral my dogs and use all four doors in my mud room. I was surprised at how emotional the process was, and ever so grateful for Anne's help. I'd highly recommend happy.healthy.home.

— Kim H

Anne walked in the door and went right to work. She was very intentional in getting the work completed in my storage room. She had a plan and executed it rapidly with precision. Any items that we needed for organizing she went and purchased. I didn’t have to leave my house. She had researched the best deal for the space so I knew my money was being spent wisely. She listened and valued my wants of items to keep and helped me make decisions on those items that needed to go.

— Emily M

Without reservation, I'd recommend Anne for any home organizational task you might have! She is well organized, extremely efficient, and very hard working.  We had to sort, pack, and clear a family member's home in a very short time.  Anne located resources and set up arrangements with movers and cleaners to get the job completed. She worked along side us, willing to tackle any task necessary.

— Kathy E

I highly recommend Anne for all of your organizational needs! She helped me add storage and eliminate all the clutter in my small garage making it much more functional. She does a great job of finding the best priced products to save money. She listens and follows through on exactly what I was wanting to do in my garage while also giving excellent advice from her personal experiences. I will definitely hire her again for my future organizational projects! 

— Sara S


Anne helped me organize my craft room. With her help, I was able to clean out the items that weren't important and focus on what was. The room is beautifully and functionally organized now and is a peaceful place to be. It makes starting a new project exciting instead of dreadful.

— Jody D

Anne created an organized bedroom, closet, and bathroom for me. Labeling makes all the difference. We worked together to pick out organizational items and I can say that one month later my rooms are just as organized as when she left.  I would highly recommend this service to create a sense of order and peace.

— Ann F

 Anne has assisted me with numerous projects and it was beyond AMAZING. She is able to very quickly identify efficient organizational systems and then help you to get it all into place. She helped me organize my entire office and the new organizational system has helped me with so many efficiencies. I would HIGHLY recommend Anne.

— Tracy K

Anne was amazing to work with and took all the stress out of the situation for me. I had asked her to come help me organize my basement where things had gathered from my children's childhood, my office from an at home business and remodeling supplies. You couldn't even walk through, it had become too much for me to take on with my job of traveling all week. I will let her post before and after pictures, but it was so easy with her by my side to help sort, organize and make decisions that had been overwhelming before. Let her help you, you won't regret! My husband was amazed at how she took care of taking things away or having them picked up etc. , there was a home for everything, without it setting around being one more thing to do on the next day off. I so appreciate her and her time. 

— Jennifer O