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happy.healthy.home. is my passion project, built on 30 years of organizing for fun and catharsis. Instilling order makes me happy and I love seeing the results make others happy, too. Working in healthcare for over 20 years, helping people is second nature to me and happy.healthy.home. is my way of combining organization and aid.

What makes me different from your average Professional organizer?

I'm a problem solver and offer highly-personalized organizational solutions that are for the long term. It's not just about installing labeled boxes and bins (though it can be). It's about one-on-one customized plans, because let's face it everyone lives differently and that's part of the fun.

Also, I've never met a Pinterest challenge I didn’t like, so if you’re trying to replicate something you’ve seen online but don’t know where to start, let me be your first call. We can repurpose items or we can build from scratch. There are no limits!

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