how do you start?

A simple
4-step process

We will work together to evaluate your belongings and decide what to keep and what to toss – but don't worry, happy.healthy.home will not force you to part with anything you aren't ready to give up. Everything in your space will have a "home" with the best work done during 3-4 hour sessions (2 hours is the minimum). 


step one: phone assessment

We'll discuss your needs at a high level, talk timing and next steps

step two: 30-minute in-home consultation

We'll dig into what's working and not, along with your goals and desired uses for the room/space.

step three: make a plan

happy.healthy.home. will work out a solution and bring it to you for feedback and alignment

step four: attack the job

We can work together or happy.healthy.home. can do the heavy lifting, it's up to you.


We offer free 30-minute in-home consultations. All work is confidential and judgement-free.